Steps for a successful Website

Step 1

A client place an order against our standard pricing, shown on our website or as per custom made quotation for specific requirements. The client receives a confirmation mail & an URL to see the works being carried out on their project.

Step 2

Our team ensures the order has all required information & stuff to start a project. You may be asked to provide additional information during the project life time.

Step 3

Project is assigned to UI team where they conduct a full investigation of the design and requirements. This may result in additional questions for the client, which must be answered before the project progresses.

Step 4

Once we have required stuff & information our HTML & CSS coders start working on the User Interface (UI). When ready, uploads it to the URL provided (in Step 1) for client feedback & approval. Repeats uploading - feedback & approval process on each stage of UI Development.

Step 5

After UI is done, the markup-developer passes the results to the Quality Analaysis (QA) team to be tested.

Step 6

The QA-team tests the markup thoroughly in all of the supported browsers. This may result in fixes made by the markup-developer. Once the QA-team approves the mark-up it is uploaded to the Client Web Server after approval.

Step continues for dynamic website...

Step 7

If order requires coding in any Server Side Scripting langauge, our programmers take control of the created UI and start System Analysis, Database Creation, Logic Building & Coding for the required functionality and processes.

Step 8

Our development team will than keeps uploading the latest development on the test server, for you, to review it and send back your feedback/suggestions and approval on each stage of project development.

Step 9

Once client approves module(s) of the developed system, it will be forwarded to the QA team once again, for testing. Where they will vigrously test on it to provide just perfect product to you, the client.

Step 10

Once the QA-team approves the coding and seem functionality of the project, it is uploaded to the Client Web Server after approval.

Step 11

Now, its time to keep your website updated and current. We will maintain the website on daily, weekly & monthly basis, depending on the maintenance pack taken by the client.