Firstly, ask yourself  "Who are you?" as honestly  as possible, which includes mentioning your  professionalism, years of experience and any unique  details that may set you apart from others. Make sure that your business holds that uniqueness which will attract the visitors, because your uniqueness is what will hold them for a long 

Every visitor has this question in their mind "What is unique about this company? Why should I buy from them?" So always keep this aspect in your mind as a businessperson.


It's unbelievable  how many sites a visitor visit and they're  not sure what the company offers. So, always make it a priority on your home page to provide at least general information about your products and/or services, with links to that particular product page.

Many companies, are concerned about disclosing  too much information about their offerings, because of the competition with other companies. Some also feel that consumers will have no reason to contact them by phone if they get all they need from the website.


Many companies are purposely unclear about their location. Some prefer to do all of their business online and see no need to publish an address or phone number. Others are home-based or they worry that giving a street address or hometown will somehow slow down them.

"This is a must, and it's one small way of building credibility and trust" with the consumer, A phone number, a street address and even pictures go a long way toward building reliability.Showing a physical location, even one that no one will ever visit, comforts a customer that your business is real and legal. Provide a phone number that maps to that location.


Let customers know, step-by-step, important things such as how to order--and where to go and what to do. Customers also want to know your shipping costs and procedures and how they can get status reports. Last but not least, customers want to know how you handle complaints and problems, return procedures and whether you have a money-back guarantee.


If people can't find it, they can't buy it. Keep your  site clean and easy to navigate. The ability to search a site is very important. Businesses should study their search data to see if there are trends and what to make front and center.


Encourage feedback about your products and services, your ordering process and your site in general, by providing a feedback mechanism--either feedback forms or e-mail links. You definitely want to look at how and what feedback to gather. 


By personalizing a sale with a special offer, or coupon, your business can gain more customers and profit. This can be as simple as a hand-written thank-you note, free gift wrap services or a special offer for repeat business. Having a personalized touch is something that you can do but others can't.


Always keep in mind what a customer needs, because your business will hold up only if a customer deals with you. The points are h key points that you should keep in your mind.